Escort Mission

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Escort Mission was the first campaign ever set in Aldor. It began on Protia in the mid-late 84th century.


Player Characters

Other Major Characters


Photaren, Elise, Avery, and Ama met after the latter two were hired by Pat Nulos to help her escort young Corey Rothan from Hes to the city of Agrona. By coincidence, Photaren was traveling the same route for a meeting of local Druid circles, and Elise, having recently been brought down from her higher status and regenerated, was looking for the nearest center of power. The four united to protect Corey from an attempted robbery by the Trio and an attempted kidnapping by the local branch of the Bleeding Edge, and stayed together in a mission to clear out that branch.

While the party was unable to defend Derek Rothan, who was hosting them in the city, from an assassination by Abram Warwick, they avenged their host a few days later when they were attacked by Warwick and slew him in direct combat. Unfortunately, his death had unexpected consequences, a powerful force climbing through his body into Agrona and destroying much of the city, while Hes was simultaneously exploding from the power of its entry.

The party traveled on to Hes, separating from Pat and Corey along the way, and found it in flames. They saved a few civilians from demonic presence, and met and teamed up with Sophia (disguised as an elf), Gavin, Rhys, and Rhys's eidolon Ezin. When Sophia revealed her true demonic nature, they fought her summoned allies to a standstill, and barely prevented her from opening a gate to the Abyss with a strange and powerful book, which they subsequently destroyed.